About Good Stock

Founded in 2011 by Dana Olson, Good Stock is a boutique based in Oakland, California.

Specializing in accessories and beauty: Good Stock strives to curate a thoughtful collection of things for adornment. Chosen specifically to inspire a love for ones self, the planet and each other, these are pieces that you will hold onto and use to the last drop.

A place where feminine energy is the reigning force and an idea that caring for oneself is paramount to being a healthy woman. What you will find here is jewelry, made by hand, bags and sunglasses that stand-up to the chaos in life and beauty products that keeps health in mind first.

Our lines are made by individuals all over the globe, some working independently and others part of collectives that empower women in compromised circumstances.

It is our mission is to hold women as sacred and beautiful, we strive to create a space where the heart feels open.