Oloorea in Good Stock

As we have dedicated more time and energy to our commitment to beauty and make-up, it seemed natural to try and figure out how to offer more to our clients than simply retail. We hear frequent declaration from people wanting to “live” inside of Good Stock, thus it seemed fitting to create a space in the shop where people could experience a longer and more diverse experience. The idea to expand the shop to provide beauty treatments, to promote skin health and wellness was our goal.

I was introduced to Oloorea's Michaela Thyberg through friends and colleagues who raved about her talent as an aesthetician and her overall lovely demeanor. We met and wanted to test the waters by creating Sunday Skin, which was overwhelmingly well received. I thought that it would be phenomenal for her to start her own business inside of Good Stock and in August the space we fondly call “the womb” of Oloorea was born.

Seeing women create their own destinies by owning their business is something I feel incredibly strongly about. Michaela’s work ethic and talent feel completely in line with whom I hope to be in business and she inspires me daily. Michaela brings so much to Good Stock combining a deep love of science and nature as the touchstone of her practice and I feel blessed to have this synergistic relationship be a part of Good Stock’s growth. 

About Oloorea