12 x $100 Gift Certificates To Give Away


We want to thank you for making The Piedmont Ring a one stop shopping destination in Oakland. As a token of our gratitude, we are giving away $1200 in the form of 12 gift certificates for $100 each.

The Piedmont Ring: Mercy Vintage, Oloorea, Good Stock and Neighbor are each giving 3 x $100 gift certificates to the first 12 people to spend $100 in each of our shops (tax not included).

To receive a gift certificate:  Pick up a stamp card from any one of the stores.  Then, spend $100 in each of the Piedmont Ring stores: Neighbor, Good Stock, Oloorea, Mercy Vintage. Return to Mercy Vintage with your completed stamp card. The first 12 people to spend $100 in all 4 stores will receive a gift certificate.

(This can be done in multiple transactions over time; however the gift certificates are given on a first come, first serve basis - when the 12 gift certificates have been given away the promotion ends, and there are only 3 gift certificates from each store.)

There are so many special things in our shops that can make many of the people on your list happy. We want to reward you for supporting us this holiday and let you know how much it means. Where you spend your money is your power.

In solidarity-

The Piedmont Ring

Good Stock