Piedmont Ring Holiday Gift Guide 2016

We’re lucky to be in a community with magical friends and clients who we care dearly about. With the holidays coming up, we decided to go shopping in each others stores and share some of our dream gifts with you all. Hopefully this will help inspire the fun of gift giving to the people you hold dear, even the ones who are harder to shop for.

Karen Fort - Owner Mercy Vintage & Neighbor

Clockwise from bottom left:

Make-up by Oloorea: Mickey is a magical creature. Her work is informed by her big heart, generosity and commitment. Mickey does the make-up for Mercy photo shoots and no one does it better. XO

Handmade Scissors and Kaweco Pen (Neighbor): My love of all things related to paper has grown since opening Neighbor. There is something about using things that are beautifully made to elevate the experience of something as simple as writing.

Arielle De Pinto Necklaces (Good Stock): Or as we call her, ADP, is a long time love of mine. The weight and movement of her work is grounding. The organic nature of it leaves me breathless.

Iosselliani Earrings (Good Stock): I have circled these earrings for a minute. I just want to wear one and I want to wear it everyday! It is truly art for your ears.

Vintage Faux pearl bracelet (Mercy): My love for Chanel is long and deep. And although this bracelet is not Chanel, oversized costume pearl anything makes my heart skip a beat...more is more!


Michaela Thyberg - Owner Oloorea Beauty

Counter-clockwise from top left:

Jess Feury Pillows (Neighbor): These will look great in my new apartment!

Rhonda Allison Purifying Lotion (Oloorea): This facial toner is lightly exfoliating so it can be used every night.  It’ll keep my skin clear during holiday stress.

Le Feu de L’eau Candle (Good Stock): The fist Le Feu candle I bought was a splurge, now I own three.  They burn for months and add amazing energy to my nightly routine.  When the wick is gone, I use the hand dipped casings as pots for succulents.  They’re all so fantastic, it’s hard to choose a favorite scent!

BTW Hand Painted Mug, Steep Tea “Mate Drank” & Tea Leaf Reading Kit (Neighbor):

I LOVE tea and this set has it all.  The hand painted mug reminds me of a dear friend (the cute Australian you may have seen in Neighbor) and it will bring me joy every morning.

Steep tea is an Oakland based company and the girls who run it make thoughtful blends.  I chose the “Mate Drank” because it’s not as aggressive as caffeine but still has a kick to it.

I’ve always wanted to have a tea reading!  How awesome is it to learn how to do it and share with your friends.

Vintage Squash Blossom Necklace (Mercy): Just take a look at this squash blossom.  Seriously.


Dana Olson - Owner Good Stock & Neighbor

Clockwise from top left:

Black Sheep White Light Sheep Skins & Leah Sing pillows and throws (Neighbor): The textiles at Neighbor are ethically sourced and produced, they make magic in any home, in any room.  These skins, pillows and throws are the perfect gift for anyone, simply beautiful.

Vintage Levis, Bonne Maison Socks, Vintage Workwear & Hat (Mercy): Mercy Vintage has a new denim wall dedicated to their amazing stock of vintage Levis. All the work has been done and you reap the benefit of incredible fit and wash.  

Bonne Maison socks (I am wearing and holding them) they have the best colors and print, a perfect stocking stuffer.

Vintage jewelry, bags scarves and hats are one of a kind, which makes them an incredibly special gift.

Clare Vivier Clutches (Good Stock): Gorgeous Italian leather, made in Los Angeles, a functional, luxurious gift.  Not easy to put those two words in a sentence

Signature Facial (Oloorea): A truly pampering experience.  Michaela has an incredible touch and robust knowledge of skincare, a special gift.

Rachel Cubra - Owner Mercy Vintage

Clockwise from top right:

Pearl and Gold Ring by Variance Objects (Good Stock): I’m always drawn to the rough and natural aesthetic of Variance Objects’ jewelry.  They maintain femininity in their pieces without being precious.  This ring is a crazy showstopper, the way it reflects light is mesmerizing.

Spalted Maple Bowls & Salad Servers (Neighbor):  Not just for food, these gorgeous bowls can be used as decoration around the house as well as looking stunning at the dinner table.  Use them to keep your fruit in the kitchen, or (if you’re like me) to hold all of your bracelets in the bedroom.

Eyebrow Tint (Oloorea):  This little luxury always leaves me feeling so great!  It’s a quick and easy way to perk up your look.  So much fun to do with friends and Michaela is a dream boat with a magical touch.

Vintage Statement Earrings (Mercy): No matter how sloppy my outfit, I always want to be decked out in jewelry.  These earrings are easy outfit elevators and make great gifts for friends & family.  

Another Feather Bracelets (Good Stock): Did I mention I’m into jewelry?  These cuffs are so good stacked!! They also look stunning on their own. Interesting details and thoughtful silhouettes integrate easily with other jewelry and are appealing to all aesthetics.


Good Stock