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Mini Facials

Mini LED - $65
A condensed version of our LED facial. Includes a cleanse, enzymatic exfoliation and time under out LED wand.

Mini Peel - $65
Wash away dullness and reveal your skins natural beauty. If you're feeling less than radiant due to everyday stresses (we know you've got 'em) this thirty minute facial is just what you need to get back on track. It includes a customized peel using professional acids that will bring out your skins natural glow. Expect little to no downtime with  this progressive peel. 

Please do not book if you have used Retin-A in the past four weeks. Prior to this facial refrain from using any exfoliants for a minimum of one week. Inform us if you have an allergy to almonds. Does not include extractions. 

Mini Hydration - $65
Due to environmental and emotional stressors our skin can become to feel dry and lack luster. These circumstances require a relaxing hydration-focused facial. Full of moisturizing products and a mild exfoliant this service will get you feeling supple and nutrient rich in no time. This service is perfect for people with rosacea and sensitive skin. 

Prior to this facial refrain from using any exfoliants for a minimum of three days. Does not include extractions. 

Full Facials

Signature - $120
Come treat yourself to a facial that is custom made just for you. In the beginning consultation we'll discuss your skin care goals and concerns and create a routine for you to follow at home. This facial includes an enzyme exfoliation, extractions, neck and facial massage and a hand picked antioxidant mask to leave you feeling radiant.

AHA Peel - $130
This facial includes a Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy chemical exfoliant, extractions, facial massage and custom antioxidant mask. Your skin will glow and you'll feel radiant after treating yourself. Expect little to no downtime with this progressive peel. Little to mild flaking around mouth and nose is normal.

LED Facial - $145
This facial consists of a professional exfoliation, extractions, massage, and treatment with a hand held Light Stim LED wand ensuring maximum absorption of nutrient rich serums layered on your skin. 

LED is light technology with studies showing it aids in refining pores, softening scarring, promoting an even texture, encouraging collagen synthesis and smoothing the appearance wrinkles.